Locally owned and family run, Shakes & Cones started out as a fun idea that quickly turned into a full scale assault on our waistlines! Visit us for a quick treat and a friendly smile. Just don’t blame us if it’s sold out!

  • Gina

    Fearless Leader
    Behind the wheel of this crazy train to Dairyland is Gina. You'll see her in the shop daily rocking out to Hall & Oates with a big smile on her face. She's leaving behind a nice corporate job in order to pursue a life full of guilty pleasures. Can't we all be so lucky?
  • Max

    Max is an electrical engineer by day, and an extreme shaker by night. He's the brains of the operation carrying an undergrad degree from the U of A and an MBA from Indiana University. He also looks the best in our shop T's, so we keep him around for pure eye candy.
  • Katie

    Sticky Notes
    Katie spends her day teaching children, thus making it easy to deal with us at the shop. She loves kids, organization, & rocks at keeping us on track. Like Max, she too received her masters degree, and helps run the shop aided by the deadly combination of brains and beauty.
  • David

    Heavy Lifting
    When not selling commercial real estate David is reaching for things on the top shelf at Shakes! He'll chat your ear off if you let him and dances awkwardly when a DMB song comes on. If he's in the shop, the TiVo is probably set to record the latest U of A game!